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"We save on the frills
you at the price"

This concept allows us to offer you a fair price for a pleasant stay.

Our motel does not have a traditional reception desk, nor does it offer breakfast. But our accommodation offers a high feel-good factor, peace and quiet, cooking facilities and overnight stays with a very good price-performance ratio.

The rooms are cleaned every 4 days. If required, it is also possible to book an intermediate cleaning. Contact us.

Communication and Technology:  Booking online on our website is the quickest, as you can book your room directly and receive instant confirmation. If you would like to book by phone or e-mail, this is of course also possible.


In the event of a booking, you will receive one in a short time  Booking confirmation by e-mail with all important information for your stay.


The booking and check-in process may seem a bit unusual. Our experience and that of our guests show that it is worth trying. Everything works very well and familiarity quickly sets in. As soon as you are with us, you will feel the pleasant atmosphere.

Motel Stuhr

main street 131

28816 Stuhr

Phone: 0421/40980524

Fax: 0421/40980525


"We believe that luxury can be found in simplicity..." "

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